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Pyramax bank needed a site redesign, as well as a CMS that allowed them to edit and update content quickly and efficiently. Many databases were installed for easy access to blog posts, mortgage/loan rates, and events.

Front and Back-End Development, animations, motion and account builder application

Completion Status:

Page Templates:
One of the tricky things with this site was figuring out the best way to build the site since many page templates were being used. To help me figure this out, I drew out each type of template, and compared my drawings to find similarities and differences in templates. After reviewing my drawings, I was able to figure out what every page needed and customize the build from there.

Account Builder Application:
The account Builder was the most challenging project on the site. It was challenging because the data needed to be analyzed to see how certain input answers would determine a certain outcome. To help me figure out the data being inputted and the expected outcomes, I drew out charts that showed the connections between the data and the results.

More Work